Renew You

"Loving yourself is the greatest Revolution"


Hello! Welcome to the Laser Renew website - the first step to achieving your smooth beauty goals!

We are a small (great things come in small packages) private salon situated on Sir Lowry's Pass road in Somerset West, run by Tatiana Semenova. We offer a range of laser treatments as well as a calorie burner bed at impressive rates, gentle care, marvelous professionalism and warm company!


Our machines have been imported from Europe, the latest, finest and most trusted equipment in the beauty industry. So whether you are looking for semi-permanent hair removal solutions, wrinkle removal, tattoo removal, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation or you're looking for a simple way to burn extra calories - you have come to the right place! Booking a session with us is not only going to result in you checking-off an item on your beauty to-do list, but it is a relaxation treat - exactly what one needs during a busy week. Soothing music, scented air with natural oil's and ... peace and quiet. Doesn't that sound like bliss?